Monday, 3 July 2017

SO KOKO | Song of the Week | Dahlin Gage - Come Take

Come Take the biggest dance track of the year... yep, we've called it!

Like all good things it started with a meme

You  have to thank God for memes, they entertain, they can educate and they can inform you of the hottest jams and artists. That's how we bagged. this week's Song Of The Week.

For those of you who follow sokoko on Instagram ( which is all of you now because I've given you the @ to go and follow, while you do that, like some posts while I continue) You may have seen the following post:

A post shared by SOKOKO.CO.UK (@so.koko) on

The shoulder movements, the beat - bring in the dance videos because this song is LIT!

With all good songs it has sent us to every YouTube , Soundcloud and Instagram posts - Dahlin Gage, you have our full attention. Kongrats on your 1st SO KOKO Somg of the week. One of many we hope.

Opening up our July playlist this Dahlin Gage  with Come Take

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