Monday, 31 July 2017

SO KOKO | Song of The Week | Stonebwoy - Say It ft Demarco

 SO KOKO always give you them hits... SAY IT!
Say It O, Say It O... SO KOKO has signed sealed and delivered you another hit for your listening pleasure. Rounding off our July playlist is StoneBwoy's Say It ft DeMarco!

This song has been on our radar since it dropped on the 23rd but with the video following so quickly after, we said yep we need to make sure  our readers/subscribers/TeamSOKOKO ( whatever you want to be called) OUR PEOPLE, yes we said need to make sure our people have their ears and eyes on this!

You may think SO KOKO you always calling out the hits - but have we ever been wrong so far? And can you ever go wrong with Ghana giant Mr StoneBwoy? One play and it's going to sink right in. That's the beauty of this week's Song of the Week. Bet we'll catch you singing Say it O, Say It....

So that's it for July, but it's been another good music month. Same time next week?
Listen here :

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