Thursday, 31 August 2017

SO KOKO Kollection | Top Tion Wayne Tracks

What's Your Favourite Track Tion Wayne ?
Celebrating his birthday with an EP and another sold out show, Tion Wayne may count as being one of the youngest in terms of the "academic"year, but there's no denying his the top of his class.

Tion,  can you tell your people to call our people? we need to give you more KOVERAGE but for now, we're celebrating some of our favourite of your contributions to the culture...

7. I'm On ft Kojo Funds

It's a collaboration that we were itching for and they pulled it off. Produced by another SO KOKO FAV, GA this even bagged a Video Of The Week. But we need a little more fellas!

6. Bae ft Afro B
Here's a feature people might have raised an eyebrow over, but these two have made magic with this one. Featuring Afro B, Bae is still worth every play. But there's another one of their offerings, we love just that little bit more...

5.  F U
Yes, you read correctly. You've properly heard F U as many times as you've heard people say F*** U! Tion can say the most outrageous things, but boy do we get it
one acen

4. Gone Bad ( Geko x One Acen)

NEW | There's something about One Acen and Tion Wayne together that makes you just know it's gonna be a hit! Now add Geko, and you've got it's *Future Voice* SENSATIONAL! Gone Bad, UK music has never sounded so good...

3. Can't Go Broke
IT's *claps* Not *claps* POSSIBLE! We Can't Go Broke, nuh uh! And that's why this song will always have our nod of approval...

2. Me or the Lifestyle

No one sells lifestyle like Tion Wayne from the 9! Threes three guarantees with Tion Wayne  (1) Crisp Visuals (2) Catchy Lines (3) Tightest Vocalists . The Hook is one for the books. Do you ever feel it mirrors 21 Questions by 50 cent & Nate Dogg? . Whatever your ordering, there's no way this ANTHEM doesn't make the list

1. Minor
And then there was 1, the MAJOR one. Oh Minor, Minor's anything but. Clean Clean Clean and not just because of the bathroom scenes.

There's no wonder Usher, yes Usher Raymond, was bopping down the street BLASTING A likkle Tion and posting it. Boop AFROBRITSTOTHEWORLD

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