Thursday, 17 August 2017

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Yes please date your friends

Ok let's be clear we're talking casual hook ups with your 'friends'. We're talking spending time with your actual mates outside of Snapchat and group chats, aside from birthdays and weddings and baby showers. Below are some ways to spend some face to face time - not just bantering on facetime!

1. Grab dinner

Food is always the motive! Who doesn't bond over food? Chat over dinner. Don't wait for someone's birthday dinner or just so you can get that Instagram pic with the pretty backdrop. You don't have to break the bank to break bread
Alternative: Make dinner, you'd probably spend less and get more for your money. 

2.  Head to the Spa

Male and Female - anyone can go to the Spa! Go to the gym together, sit in a jacuz', do some laps around the pool drink champagne and head to the sauna. We all need to relax, so chill guys. Sometimes you need a mate to help let it out.

Alternative : Just Chill indoors lol, it's not bummy to sometimes relax and do nothing once in a while. Don't 'boss' yourself into HBP

3. Be a Cool kid and head to an Arcade

You appreciate the arcade more as an adult in my opinion. Head to a games a night, play some games. Something about having fun competing or even being on the same side that can help a friendship, things to bond over

Alternative : Get a stack of cards, a bottle, play some good old fashion blackjack :)

4. Climb something

Take a hike! No seriously, climb the o2, climb up a hill lol do something that's out of your comfort zone. This will help you guys in supporting each other because you are supprting each other! When one is trailing behind, the other's got them. And if they push you or leave you stranded...then well yh get some new friends...and some help

Alternatives : There is no alternative, get out there! the most we'd let you do outside of this Go Ape lol!

5. Movie night

When was the last time you went to the cinema! Or the Theatre?! Go out and watch something. A film? A play? Stop facetiming each other as you watch films on bootleg links. Go together, see it on the big screen, grab some popcorn or bring some in your bag.

Alternative : Have one of your own, invite your friends over, get some snacks, hook up the hdmi cable or turn over to netflix on your smart TV and CHILLL!

Truth is none of the above are things you wouldn't consider for a significant other ( or some insignificant ungrateful... from your past) so why not with your friends? It's not a single thing, couple up if you want to. Because when we're in a trouble we want a massive pillar of friendship, an oak tree even but if we don't spend time how will it ever show. If we don't see them how will we ever know

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