Monday, 21 August 2017

SO KOKO | Song of The Week | Yxng Bane - Rihanna

You know you Bad Like Rihanna, I'll do you good No wahala!
Ah, Yxng Bane! He almost makes it look TOO Easy right? How can he only seem to bring out tracks that are either 'good' or 'better' ?  It's almost too good to be true and if you were thinking his latest offering was all smoke, just remember 'there's no smoke without fire'

Our Hot New Song of the Week is called Rihanna. Which may have already created a bias here because who doesn't love Rihanna?! Quite frankly, love her or hate her there's is only one assurance that we have - She's bad!

So when Yxng Bane references you as being 'Bad Like Rihanna' , every girl gobbles that up even if he "can't promise forever". Produced by the legendary, well LEGENDARY BEATZ. Rihanna (the song and singer tbh) is the epitome of lust.

Indulge in this :

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