Saturday, 30 September 2017

SO KOKO | Alopecia Awareness : Maggie's Journey | Featured Post

Hair or No hair, the crown still fits..
Alopecia is often referenced in jest. But last year Maggie Mwangi took one of her biggest tests, public,  and made it a testimony of self-love, strength and vision. Here's to the Bald, Brave and Beautiful...

Having struggled with Alopecia since the age of 5, I let it take away my self esteem, confidence and strength for long enough, 19 years to be exact. 

Hiding it became second nature and for as long as I've known, it's robbed me of my childhood & adulthood. I just didn't feel like girl as a teen or even a woman as an adult. It really got me down and made me feel somewhat isolated. But God was working in the background, he placed amazing friends around me who I was able to confide in but it was still a huge battle. 

It was a new chapter for me because I decided to leave all the pain, tears, insecurities, anxiety, fear and shame behind me.

In the process God really placed a burning desire in my heart to turn it around and help others with the same struggle. I decided to start a YouTube channel sharing my journey. It was probably the scariest thing I've ever done but I believe God had given me the strength and really prepared me in the 19 years prior.

 It also allowed me to develop a new vision and I started a wigs page called WigzbyMagz to make wigs for other women. I have grown so much in the last year and honestly don't regret this journey. 

I believe God is and will continue to strengthen me in this journey of emotional and physical healing.  

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