Thursday, 28 September 2017

SO KOKO | Life Topics | 15 Things I Shouldn't Have to Tell You

Some things are just standard

1. To say please when you ask for something
2. To say Thank you when I give you something
3. That I've called you (your phone does that, hello?!)
4. To put the toilet seat up when you piss and down when you're done (Guys)
5. To brush your tongue ( and general oral hygiene)
6. It's front to back when you wipe (Girls, seriously)
7. To phone back if the phone drops by accident
8.  To wash your plates
9. To greet my parents as soon as you come to my house
10. My parents are not your mates Mr and Mrs or Aunty and Uncle , irrespective of where YOU come from
11. Do not slam my car doors
12. To warn me if you're going to the light on in my room
13. Don't leave a drop of milk, juice in the fridge - just finish it you greedy pig
14. Don't lie to me
15. Don't cheat

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