Friday, 15 September 2017

SO KOKO | Life Topics | 5 Ways to Beat The Winter Blues

Winter's Coming...
To soon for a Game of Thrones Reference? Oops, Sorry guys. But swiftly moving on, Summer's Done (was it really here?) and Autumn/Winter has arrived. Winter Blues is a real thing and if you're really feeling down here's some things to give you a mental, physical and social boost!

1. Get some Vitamin D supplements

How much sun do we really get anyway? You've got to get that Vitamin D somehow, so stock up on those vitamins to avoid pale skin and feeling rundown.

2. Get that Summer Body Ready

So you weren't really Summer 2017 ready, there's still 2018! Make that Summer in Winter as they say. It gets you disciplined and toned and when the days just seem to roll into one, it will keep you motivated

3. Take a Holiday

If all else fails, get some real sun. Go on holiday, it doesn't  have to be scorching hot but a change of scenery could really do well for morale. It could be anywhere, you just need a break from the routine. Unless you work/are in a school, there are no 'breaks' till Christmas! Use that annual leave!

4. Cut Down On Your Caffeine

Ok, we're a little Regina Hall Obsessed (How good was Girls Trip?) , Right back to the matter. No Coffee to wake you up and no energy drinks to 'keep you going'. Getting up is already a struggle this time of year, don't mess with getting to sleep in the first place. You don't need it! See Point 1

5. Stay Social
Nothing like a 'motive' getting cancelled when you didnt really want to go in the first place (Guilty!) But you need to start going out. Yes It's long, It's Cold, It's Dark, but you need to go out. Even with Uber losing its license here in London (Cries) You can't afford to lose your social life. Even if You open a bottle with your friends and have a night-in. Keep talking to your friends, face to face.

It may not be you with the blues, but you could be the one to help 

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