Thursday, 5 October 2017

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It's in Our Hands

Africa to the world, how many times have you seen that?! How many times have we flagged to the Western world to even our Caribbean counterparts , that we matter , that we're lit! How many times have we rooted for the 'African' amongst their non-African peers. It's so easy for us to see Africans in that context and give them that stamp of approval.

It's like in marriage or with siblings , home you can fight however you like but don't show even a glimpse of it in public. It's the classic 'don't air your dirty laundry outside' (never got this analogy -what swine does that lol) .  Don't air  your dirty laundry but yet we do.

We could really get into this. But let's say this for now. We're telling the world look at us, we're not monkeys, we don't live in huts we're not. Look our movies look our music our fashion our businesses our personalities see our culture. But do we see each other.

Shouldn't only be Africans because we're pitting them against Europeans and Asians etc and whoever. Africa is not only Nigeria, Ghana. We want the world to be inclusive but we're not even inclusive ourselves.

No doubt we have a lot to prove, but we have more to prove to each other. Moreso we have a lot to be, to become. We're advancing but yet we remain backwards.
There's value in Africa to the world. If you follow us on Instagram ( as you should) then you'll know that's one of our mantras (afrobritstotheworld too) and we'll continue to shed light on the positivity of our continent. Emphasis on 'our', the onus is on us, ourselves.

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