Thursday, 16 November 2017

SO KOKO | Life Topic | Fxck Boys Pray Too

LifeTopics is back..

“Get a guy that prays for you” , I mean how many times have you heard that? How many times have you seen some picture quote or caption of the some sort on social media? Yeah, real woke (!)

It’s not cliche to say that Prayer is key. There’s nothing wrong in a guy praying for you or a girl praying for you. But just note “Fxck Boys” or girls pray too.

It’s not in a person saying that they prayed for you that you measure how serious they are about you. Ooh he’s serious, he’s genuine. If he talking to God about you... Girl bye.

It’s not every Prayer you want. Everybody can pray, it’s just that everybody doesn’t. It’s not a special thing for a guy to say he’s doing it for you. How about me with me? How about does it align with what I want and what I need? If a guy prays is not a measure of how serious he is about you, but how serious he is about God. This gets misconstrued all the time and that is why it’s so easy to run play. 

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