Thursday, 23 November 2017

SO KOKO | Life Topics | When Dreams Take Shape

So it’s starting to look like your dream’s finally coming together?

You want to have a dream and have a dream come true. The only dreams that should stay dreams are bad ones - Even then, we call them ‘nightmares.

Dreams come in different shapes and sizes and because they can be broader their the average imagination it’s hard to talk about them in a tangible manner without making them see so easy ( to attain ) or fairy-ish.  Similarly, discussions around dreams can honestly be made to seem as though they are so hard and ‘far-fetched’ that whatever points are being made are dismissed. Why? Because of the overarching air of limitation and ‘fear or ‘hate’ (Cos everybody’s got haters) can be seem to mask their smell of ambition - regardless of how valid those points maybe.

Who can validate your dreams? The Nay-sayers are quietened ( Cos let’s be honest you can never really shut them up), when a dream takes shape. 

You can criticise us for oversimplifying your ‘big dreams’ ( you can also criticise for putting your dreams in inverted commas) but we’re going to talk about the shapes by using actual shapes!

Take a Circle. You have a dream of a circle. Somewhat another there needs to be a circle - you create it, you purchase it. Whatever, it needs to be there. The dream is the circle. The process of getting the circle (dream) is the preference. Which could itself seem like/ be a  dream itself. You may want to create a circle by drawing it. If the circle is the dream, the drawing is your preference. And even that’s at a high level you may go into the detail of ok I’m going to draw this circle using a pencil , more detail, using a circular object or this tool or that tool. Maybe it’s a particular type of pencil or this or that. The devil really is in the details - maybe you’re going to draw it freehand. 

The first thing you need to do in order for your dreams to take , moreover for you to recognise when this happens, is for you to understand the dream. 

Understand your preferences and see them for what they are
People can be so ‘dream/orientated’ and still miss it because they had a fixed idea of how it was going to come and and it came in a different way entirely. Maybe you planned to draw round something and that wasn’t available to you. So what now? Dream done? Your preferences are your preferences but understand if you had all the tools you would have done it already. Unless you’re lazy. Even then you won’t have everything at your disposal  because we’re human! Understanding your preferences will help you understand the compromises without comprising the dream. You wanted a circle, you couldn’t draw it  freehand. Well here’s a cup you drew around it. If the circle is the dream did it come true or not?

Make it tangible
Stepping outside of the shape analogy for a second. This means having something that you can see feel or whatever that’s like here is my dream. Rather than pointing to your head here’s my dream. Don’t trust your head (Ooo that makes s good life Topics title) Well don’t trust yourself to guard your mind appropriately we let s lot of junk, don’t let enough out. Leaving your dream in there is like putting a white garment in a coloured wash and hoping the colours don’t run. 
Now back to our circle. If you have s visual idea of what a circle looks like (Again this is why point 1 is point 1) you won’t be discouraged by the arch, you’d be encouraged by it. You can then say I have this arch if I can continue this way it’s going to be this big or this small I need to continue this or that way to achieve this. Or in contempt wit this. I didn’t need it to be this big anyway or I’m ready to expand.

It’s a long one but we’re getting there ( hope you are too. You will probably refer back to this a few times so take your time) 

The progression

How often can u draw a perfect circle in one swift motion? Maybe you’ve got a good solid arch but getting the other side seems so long.  What do you do? Draw a straight line and call it a semi - circle. Put on the kettle, you’re ready to settle ( literally just came up with that. Copyright trademark tshirts everything )

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