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To submit your song for #SongOfTheWeek or review, please send the following to Music Submissions  with "Music Submission: [Artist]-[Song]" as the subject :

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Due to the volume of submissions, please allow 2-3 working days for feedback. For #SongofTheWeek submissions, songs must be submitted by the previous Thursday at 11pm to be considered for the following week's post.


  1. Instrumental grime

  2. Artist Name:XPSILVER
    Song Title:OPURUICHEM
    Song Description:Opuruichem is a beautiful love song, awesomely rendered. It is really a lovely song one should endeavour to listen to. It is even done in a very special language, called the Igbo language please try get to listen to beautiful piece.
    spotify link:

    Soundcloud Link:
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