Video Submission

To submit your song for #VideoOfTheWeek or review, please send the following to Video Submissions with "Video Submission: [Artist]-[Song]" as the subject :

Artist Name
Song Title
Song Description 
Director Name
Youtube Link
Artist Image (Ideally 4 high resolution images)
Social Media (Twitter, Instagram)

Due to the volume of submissions, please allow 2-3 working days for feedback. For #VideoofTheWeek submissions, songs must be submitted by the previous Friday at 11pm to be considered for the following week's post. 

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  1. Artist Name: ChiiDo
    Song Title: Shake Something
    Song Description: New Afrobeat Single
    Director Name:@ShoCash
    Youtube Link:
    Social Media (Twitter, Instagram)
    Twitter: @ChiiDo
    Instagram: @PidginChiiDo